Bear breaks into SUV in Morris County, eats 24 cupcakes

A Morris County family says that a bear broke into their SUV overnight and ate two dozen cupcakes that were inside.
Christine Allen owns the popular vegan shop Mo’Pweeze Baker in Denville. The Rockaway Township resident says that the bear broke into her SUV early Thursday morning and ate the treats that were inside.
“Every time we heard a little sound or noise we were just on edge thinking that it's going to come back,” Allen says.
Allen says that the cupcakes were inside her car overnight because she had a delivery to make in the morning. She says that her family was awoken by the family dog barking and crunching sounds coming from outside. The bear broke the windows and also climbed all over the car. Paw prints were even found on the roof of the SUV.
“He actually picked up the box [of cupcakes]…and then found a spot, which was by my bedroom window, which is where he was eating all 24 cupcakes,” Allen says.
Allen says that this is not the first time the black bear has targeted her family. She says that last month the same bear busted down the family’s back fence in an attempt to get in and out of their yard. The next day the bear broke the basement door in order to get to the family’s garbage, according to Allen.
Rockaway Township police say that they are aware of the bear and say that since it caused substantial damage, it may have to be euthanized.
Allen says that she hopes that this doesn’t happen. She just wants the bear to leave her family alone.
“Maybe move it to wildlife where there's not people around or something; just somewhere he can be safe and we can also be safe,” she says.
The New Jersey Department of Wildlife warns anyone who comes into contact with a bear to leave it alone and contact authorities.