Beach replenishment project causes headaches in Ortley Beach

Thousands of people will be heading to the beaches this weekend, and there are a number of beach replenishment projects.
In Ortley Beach, people may be dealing with a lot of construction starting as early as next week. 
In a revised schedule, crews will begin work around June 23 and work right through the early part of October.
Residents in Ortley Beach are complaining they already bought their season badge, and now they say they would have gone somewhere else if they had known.
The Toms River township engineer says there will be plenty of beach to enjoy even during the project.
“Ortley is 4,000-feet long,” says Robert Chankalian, Toms River Township Engineer. “The Army Corps only takes 1,000 feet at a time so they're still going to be three quarters of the beach open and the beach that's completed will be three times the size so I actually don't believe we will have too much of an impact. The majority of my beaches will be open.”
The Army Corps of Engineers is bringing extra equipment to begin work on five different simultaneous projects this summer.