Authorities release bodycam video of officer shooting dog in Keyport

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has released police officer body camera video showing the moments when an officer shot a pit bull that was loose in a neighborhood.
The incident happened Saturday evening on Pine Street in Keyport. The dog, which is named Blaze, survived the shooting, but the owners say that the officer did not need to shoot the dog.
Keyport police were originally called to Cedar Street Park for reports of an aggressive dog loose in the area. A person called 911 to report that the dog was threatening a woman.
“He had the lady cornered, she was trying to fight the dog off,” the 911 caller stated.
The body cam video shows one of the officers trying to call the dog’s owner. This is when the shooting takes place. The dog is seen running around a patrol car and toward one of the officers. The dog can be heard barking.
The officer shoots the dog once in the shoulder. The dog then retreats into the homeowner’s garage.
After the shooting, another police officer is heard saying, “Well, you had no choice there.”
But the couple that owns the dog says that police did have a choice. They say that the officers could have used a Taser or pepper spray to stop him.
"There's a whole bunch of different ways in protocol to handle the situation,” owner Alexyys Ferrara told News 12.
The family says the dog is still hospitalized for its wounds. But the family also tells News 12 that the dog will likely have to be euthanized. They have hired an attorney to fight that order. They have also been charged with possession of a dangerous dog.
In response to the incident, Keyport Police Chief Shannon Torres said, "We are pleased that the BWC footage is being released and that it presents a clear depiction of the situation as it unfolded for our officer."
The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office says that the video “should clear up any misconceptions of what happened."