Authorities: Gunman in Texas church shooting had ties to New Jersey

A gunman who killed two security guards at a Texas church had ties to New Jersey, according to authorities.
Keith Kinnunen opened fire inside the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas on Sunday, killing two security guards.
Kinnunen’s rampage was quickly put to an end thanks to the efforts of Jack Wilson, the head of security at the church. He shot Kinnunen six seconds after the shooting started, killing him. Wilson is being credited for saving 240 lives.
"The people that were on the security team, we spent numerous hours training and working on just this kind of scenario, hoping it never happens. Those people that know me know that you train but you hope you never have to go through that extreme,” Wilson said.
Kinnunen was known to law enforcement in New Jersey. Authorities say that four years ago he was arrested in Union County after police found him taking pictures of the Phillips 66 Refinery in Linden. He was caught with a shotgun and several rounds.
Officials say that Kinnunen was wearing a fake beard and a wig inside the church before the shooting started. His ex-wife told local media that he was "battling a demon" and was "not nice to anyone."
Authorities have described him as "relatively transient.”
"They're trying to find people who knew him. But I don't think he had a lot of connections to very many people,” says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “So, my understanding is he is more of a loner and probably going to be very difficult to determine what exactly his motivations were, other than maybe mental illness."
Wilson says that he does not see himself as a hero, but as someone to did what needed to be done. He says that he feels like he killed evil that day.