Authorities: Abducted New Jersey man held for ransom by 3 men rescued by NYPD

U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger has announced three men from New York have been charged with conspiring to kidnap and hold for ransom a man from New Jersey.
According to authorities, Fa Deng, 42, of Staten Island, Albert Ferrelli, 50, and Chiahao Lee, 30, both of Queens, are charged by complaint with conspiring to commit kidnapping.
The incident happened Tuesday in Fort Lee.
Authorities say Deng, Ferrelli, Lee, and another conspirator drove to the victim's home in Fort Lee. Ferrelli and the other conspirator entered the victim's home wearing masks. They bound the victim's hands, placed duct tape over his eyes and mouth, and forced him into a vehicle.
Law enforcement received information that kidnappers had sent the victim's wife a photograph of the victim bound and duct-taped, demanding a ransom of around $680,000.
When law enforcement responded to the victim's home, they located what appeared to be duct tape with pieces of latex gloves stuck to it. After reviewing local surveillance footage, law enforcement identified a gray minivan used in the abduction. Other surveillance footage showed the minivan crossing the GWB shortly after the kidnapping, and subsequently crossing into the Bronx and then into Queens.
The next day, the NYPD responded to Prince Street in Queens, where they encountered Ferrelli guarding the door to the building. When officers approached Ferrelli, they heard a man screaming for help inside the building.
Officers entered the building and found the victim with his hands bound, and duct tape over his eyes and mouth. Surveillance footage showed during this captivity, the victim attempted to escape by running out of the building where he was eventually found.
The video showed Ferrelli tackle the victim to prevent him from escaping, engage in a physical scuffle, and pull him back into the building.
Law enforcement located the gray minivan used in the kidnapping parked in the driveway of Lee's home in Queens. Records showed the minivan had been rented by Lee's wife at LaGuardia Airport on April 4.