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Attorney says new witnesses tie suspected Gilgo serial killer to Shannan Gilbert and Karen Vergata

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison stood with attorney John Ray to emphasize that they will investigate any lead or anyone who comes forward that claims to have had interactions pertinent with Heuermann's case.

Kevin Vesey

Oct 18, 2023, 9:17 PM

Updated 245 days ago


For the first time, a connection is being made between suspected Gilgo serial killer Rex Heuermann and Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance led to the discovery of at least 10 bodies along Ocean Parkway.
Attorney John Ray, who represents Shannan Gilbert’s estate, claims four new witnesses have come forward with information about Rex Heuermann.
One of those witnesses claims she saw Heuermann with Gilbert at the Sayville Motor Lodge on Sunrise Highway during the fall of 2009.
Full Press Conference:
Ray was joined by Suffolk Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison, who did not provide new information about the case.
Harrison said people with information about the case could contact attorney John Ray.
That was immediately refuted by Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney, who wrote,
“Any citizen who believes that they have relevant evidence regarding the Gilgo Beach investigation should report it to the investigative agencies that comprise the Task Force... witnesses should not be reaching out to a private attorney with an interest in the outcome of the case.”
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