Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department helps seniors find COVID-19 vaccine appointments

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office is helping hundreds of county residents get COVID-19 vaccine appointments.
Chief Warrant Officer Tim Reed is also known as the Atlantic County Sherriff’s Office resident vaccine appointment hunter. He says that he is on the appointment sites all day long looking for slots.
“He had to teach us how to do it, but it’s really amazing. He can get 25 people appointments in one day,” says Sheriff Eric Scheffler.
Scheffler says that the department is stepping up to help senior citizens in the county find appointments at the megasite in Atlantic City.
“There’s a lot of people that don’t have email. They don’t have anything to do with computers or basically know how to turn them on and surf the web and that’s really a big issue,” he says.
And this is where Officer Reed comes in. He even creates email accounts for those who do not have one. And once he is on the AtlantiCare website, it is go time. He does not have any special access to appointments, just a lot of determination.
“I started noticing that these are all available, but I started noticing that they’re flashing real fast on there, so I just learned that I had to keep on going through this calendar to get them,” Reed says.
The sheriff’s office has helped about 600 residents get appointments.
“It’s what we’re here for, to help people. It doesn’t matter if it’s food or vaccines, no matter what it is, people need help,” says Reed.
The sheriff’s department says to make sure to vet out any group of person who is offering to help find vaccine appointments before handing over any confidential information.
Anyone who would like to get an appointment through the sheriff's office can call 609-909-7200.