Asbury Park police officer who allegedly struck woman with flashlight now under investigation

An investigation is underway into whether an officer with the Asbury Park Police Department violated code of conduct from an incident last summer. Multiple video angles allegedly show the officer striking a woman in the face with a flashlight.  
The exchange happened June 19, 2021 just after 2 a.m. at the intersection of Mattison Avenue and Main Street, directly across from the police department. Bars had closed, and the incident began with words exchanged between two groups of young adults.
Officer Stephen Love responded to a disturbance on Mattison Avenue. The arrest of Zack Zukowski set the events in motion. Friends of Zukowski begin screaming at Love. Charles Bennett, who is seen in the white T-shirt on bodycam and cellphone video walks over, and the confrontation escalates. 
In the struggle, Love strikes Felicia Clay's head with a flashlight, and she falls on the pavement as Love and other officers chase and tackle Bennett. 
Clay was taken by ambulance to a hospital, then spent three days in jail – charged with aggravated assault on an officer and obstruction. Police found cocaine on Bennett. His aggravated assault charge was dropped after pleading guilty to a drug charge. 
Clay received stitches in her forehead and says she now suffers from recurring migraines and post-traumatic stress. 
In the police report, Love claims Bennett was about to punch him. Love also says Clay pushed his upper back, causing him to swing his arms at her because he felt threatened.
Sources first told News 12 about the exchange a few weeks ago because they feel the city did not properly investigate Love following the incident and accuse the department of trying to keep it quiet. 
A spokesperson for the Asbury Park Police Department says the entire incident is still under internal review. Sources say Love was not suspended and remains on the force.