Asbury Park police officer under investigation for allegedly striking woman with flashlight

An Asbury Park police officer is under investigation after a video surfaced that appears to show the officer striking a woman with a flashlight.
The incident happened in June 2021. Officer Stephen Love was responding to a disturbance near Johnny Mac House of Spirits.
The video shows one man being arrested and placed in handcuffs. Another man, identified as Charles Bennett, yells at the officer.
The video shows Love going after Bennett during the fight. This is when Felicia Clay runs up on the officer. Clay appears to be struck by Love’s flashlight and falls to the pavement.
Clay was taken to the hospital, jailed for three days and charged with aggravated assault on an officer.
In his police report, Love claims Clay pushed his upper back, causing him to swing his arms at her because he felt threatened.
A spokesperson for the Asbury Park Police Department says the incident is under review by their internal investigation unit.
Love remains on the force.