All in this together: Asbury Park Distillery makes hand sanitizer

Asbury Park Distillery is making hand sanitizer for first responders, major companies and the general public.
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“We as distillers saw an opportunity to jump in, not for profit in the beginning, but for help and humanitarian reasons,” says owner Rob Wile.
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Police and fire departments, as well as EMS and hospitals throughout New Jersey, have already benefited from the first batch of hand sanitizer produced by the distillery. Production will soon continue as the company adjusts to new FDA guidelines.
“While we’ve done it out of the goodness of our heart and we will continue to do so for those, most of it is probably going to be a time where we’re going to have to backfill some of the capital outlay that we have put out there,” says Wile.
Nationally known corporations are already placing orders, which will help keep the company’s dozen or so employees working.
“We are getting bigger corporations that are knocking on our door looking for our services,” says Wile.
Vile says if you are local and want sanitizer for yourself, simply stop by and purchase a bottle of their bourbon, gin or vodka and they’ll throw in a bottle of sanitizer while supplies last.
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