Alstede Farms offers apple, pumpkin picking for families in Chester

Residents made their way to Alstede Farms in Chester Sunday to enjoy some fall fun.
The 400-acre farm opened at 8:30 a.m. for activities, including apple picking, pumpkin picking, farm animals, a corn maze and more.
The farm reopened in June to guests with new guidelines in place and capacity limits.
Kyle Holman, marketing director for the farm, says the season means visitors can be outdoors with their families for wagon rides and sunflower fields.
He says the farm had to get creative to stay afloat during the beginning of the pandemic.
"There has been an increase in resurgence back in the farmers markets and we've been able to sell our own produce at farmers markets this year," Holman says. "Our CSA, which is community shared agriculture, have seen a dramatic increase in membership this year than we have had in the past couple of years."
Tickets are needed for both apple and pumpkin picking to limit the amount of people at the farms during the pandemic. Discounted tickets are available on weekdays.