survey: Nearly half of all New Jerseyans experimented with stronger alcohol during pandemic

Boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly half of all New Jerseyans to try stronger alcohol, according to a new survey.
According to the survey done by, 42% of New Jersey residents surveyed admitted to switching to stronger liquor since the start of the pandemic lockdowns. is a provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment resources. The website surveyed 3,050 adults across the country.
Tennesseans had the highest percentage, with 62% of adults admitting to trying stronger alcohol because of boredom.
The survey also found that 17% of adults surveyed found that their alcohol tolerance had increased since the pandemic began.
With many states restricting how and when bars could be open and with social distancing protocols in place, half of the people surveyed said that they started making their own cocktails at home.
Critics of the lockdowns say that keeping people inside and isolated can lead to an increase of addictive behavior and can be especially hard for those who are trying to beat addiction.
“In early addiction recovery, boredom and isolation can become a dangerous situation that significantly increases the likelihood of relapse, so it is not surprising that boredom has inspired experimentation with very strong alcohol,” said Dr. Shahzad Allawala, medical director at Greenhouse Treatment Center and spokesperson for