Ailey II annual New York season returns at Ailey Citigroup Theater

The Ailey II annual New York season is back in its home theater with 14 performances. 
The talented ensemble will be performing pieces including Alvin Ailey’s "The Lark Ascending," artistic director Robert Battle’s "Alleluia" and William Forsythe’s "Enemy in the Figure."
“It's going to be a really diverse program – versatile, powerful, fierce, bold. But it’s also poetic, and it will tell a story and move you, so I'm looking forward to having the audience see this,” said Meagan King, a dancer in the ensemble.
King explains there are 12 company members and four apprentices in the group, adding that the dance company’s season – which tours throughout the year – begins in July and usually goes through till the end of April.
For King, she says performing goes beyond just being on a stage.
“For me, it just means talking to my younger self – celebrating that young girl who came in here super excited, starry-eyed at 16 years old and just wanting to dream – the realization of that dream now. I really just want to honor her and who I will be in the future,” said King.
Tickets start at $59 and can be found online.
Performances began March 22 and will run until April 2 at Ailey Citigroup Theater.