Addison’s Forecast: Dry overnight; cloudy Tuesday with stray shower expected

NOW: Mostly cloudy skies with spotty to scattered showers. Those showers will fade away later today, into the evening hours.
NEXT: A stay shower is possible on Tuesday but most locations will stay dry. The weekend ahead though, shockingly, has rain in it.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a low- to no-shower chance. Temps will trend cool. Lows: 40s.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy and cool with a stray shower. Highs: Low- to mid-60s. Lows: Upper-40s to low-50s.
WEDNESDAY: A mix of sun and clouds with temps around average levels. Highs: Mid-60s. Lows: Low-50s.
THURSDAY: *Pick of the week* - Very nice. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy with a breeze from time to time. Highs: low 70s. Lows: mid-50s.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: WEATHER TO WATCH – Mostly cloudy skies with shower chances increasing Friday afternoon. Expect Saturday to be wet and breezy. Highs: Low-70s to mid-60s. Lows: mid- to low-50s.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with AM showers then drier, cooler and breezy in the afternoon. Highs: Low- to mid-60s. Lows: Mid- to upper-40s.