3 Things To Know - May 16, 2018

1. Don't put a ferret in the mail.
Not that you need the reminder, but apparently someone in Denver does. They mailed this ferret. A Post office worker heard the animal inside a cardboard box and turned it over to animal control.
2. You might want to make sure your house isn't listed on craigslist.
A house in Colorado was, but the owner didn't know it. Police say it's a new scam. People list random houses on craigslist to try to rent money. People pay but never get the house because the person you're dealing with isn't the owner.
3. Justin Timberlake's got a lot of fans. He surprised one at a concert this week.
Justin met 88-year-old Nammie backstage. She's a self-proclaimed Timberlake super fan. He also gave her a shout out during the concert.