3 Things to Know – Aug. 14, 2018

1. Vermont will not have a 14 year old governor.
Ethan Sonneborn was on the ballot. There's no age restriction in Vermont. The soon to be high school freshman was dead serious about his candidacy, even taking part in pre-primary debates. He's a progressive Democrat. He lost in the primary tonight, but he did get 7-percent of the vote
2. So a bear walks into a liquor store.
It's no joke. It happened in Connecticut. A bear looking for a nip of something. A store worker and customer rushing to lock the door. The bear didn't get what he was looking for and wandered off.
3. Don't spank the hippo at the zoo.
LA. This guy had a ridiculous idea. He was going to spank a hippo. He climbs the enclosure wall to get close. Sneaks up... spanks the hippo and takes off. Someone nearby filmed the stunt. Zoo officials just shaking their head. Hippos can kill you. They are reminding people -- clearly they have to -- don't go inside the animal enclosures. Police are looking for the man who did it.