3 bulls rescued from Riverhead property move to New Jersey sanctuary

Three bulls found in deplorable conditions in Riverhead are getting a start to a new life.
John Di Leonardo with Humane Long Island tells News 12 the bulls have moved to their forever home at a vegan sanctuary and preserve in New Jersey on Tuesday.
Di Leonardo tells News 12 the bulls were found hidden on a property next to a slaughterhouse.
That is where prosecutors say Carlos Lauro, 76, also shot two dogs in the head with a rifle.
The bulls were found with no food or water.
"They were munching on what grass they had in the field, but they couldn't break the water, everything was frozen. So we had to go out there, actually using some bolt cutters to smash up the ice and they, they normally will drink thirty gallons a day, so we were very worried about them without water," said Di Leonardo.
Their rescuers also gave the bulls names – Artie, Steve and Robert.