20 schools across New Jersey return to virtual learning because of COVID-19 outbreaks

Twenty schools in New Jersey have returned to remote learning because of outbreaks of COVID-19.
One such school is Lawrence Intermediate School in Lawrence Township. Students are learning virtually after 18 children tested positive for the virus. This comes only two weeks after the start of the new school year.
Fortunately Lawrence Intermediate School is the only school of the district’s seven that has to have remote learning. Students will remain at home through Sept. 28.
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Superintendent Ross Kaus says that this was not an arbitrary decision.
"We want nothing more than to offer an excellent in-person educational experience to all students. Unfortunately, closing LIS and providing remote instruction was the right choice at this time, as we needed to intervene to try to control the spread,” Kaus wrote in a letter to parents.
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The decision follows one in nearby by Robbinsville. A school in that town went remote after 22 students tested positive. That decision came under fire by parents who protested the move to return to remote learning.
Such outbreaks may continue until all children are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
Children under 11 are expected to have access to the shot by the end of October.