2 Howell elementary schools to be turned into early learning centers for toddlers

Changes are coming to the Howell Township Public School District, with the conversion of two elementary schools into early learning centers.
The district received a $2,286,405 grant, which will fund converting Adelphia and Newbury elementary schools into preschools for 3- and 4-year-olds.
“We have seen some kids not receive any pre-kindergarten experience. That is often down the boundary of affluence. So, this is absolutely great work,” said Howell Public Schools Superintendent Joe Isola.
The remaining elementary schools will change to a K-5 schedule.
One parent excited about the upcoming changes is Mary Elizabeth Tirone, a mother of three children in the district.
“I think that education in general is important, but I feel like at a young age we need to get them in the classroom learning – we need to get them ready for school in general,” said Tirone.
The goal is to implement these changes in time for the 2024/2025 school year.
Because of the confidence the district has in getting this new preschool program up and running by next year, they're holding an open registration at the Adelphia School on the evening of Dec. 5. More plans will be outlined in greater detail, including preliminary geographic boundaries at the next board meeting on Nov. 15.