180-page diatribe attributed to accused Buffalo shooter made references to several New Jersey towns

Federal authorities are still working to confirm the authenticity of a racist 180-page document, purportedly written by accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron, that said the assault was intended to terrorize all non-white, non-Christian people and get them to leave the country.
References were allegedly made to towns in Ocean County in the document.
Even though Gendron is from an upstate New York town over three hours from northern Ocean County, he specifically mentioned Toms River and Lakewood, writing derogatory statements about the Hasidic Jewish communities, according to published reports. The writing also mentioned Jersey City.
“I can't say disbelief because we are seeing too much of that,” says Ocean County Undersheriff Nils Bergquist. “It certainly turns my stomach.”
Toms River Mayor Mo Hill assured the community that law enforcement is on alert.  
“I have every confidence that Chief Mitch Little, our Toms River police officers adequately protect our residents from any events,” says Hill.
Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles sent a statement to News 12, saying, "Unfortunately, the sentiments I heard attributed to the shooter are nothing new. We are constantly on guard for any sign something like this could happen here. Our police department works closely with all schools, synagogues and churches on their security measures. In addition to our police department many of our local volunteer agencies routinely patrol town and report anything suspicious back to PD. "
Law enforcement in Ocean County say there was no specific threats made against the community and the individual was acting alone.