Zeta remnants force coastal communities to make flood preparations

Homeowners in Long Island's coastal communities are used to flooding threats during rainy conditions, and the end of the work week presented that threat once again.
In Lindenhurst, conditions were windy and wet Thursday afternoon but still passable for evening commuters. The rain was due to continue into Friday.
The Walker family lives on Shore Road and says their neighborhood is prone to flooding during storms. Lance Walker says Superstorm Sandy flooded their home eight years ago, but they've since made changes.
"The water rises up all around here, it's almost like a peninsula, so you can get trapped in here for a while," says Walker. "We've had the house raised. Last time Sandy struck, we were down on the ground. We came up 9 feet since then, but we still have to worry about it."
Other neighbors say a lot of people who live close to the water move their cars to a parking lot at higher ground during storms like Thursday's.
The chance of a power outage also looms during weather like Thursday's
"We have our generator ready, we have emergency food supply, water supply because you never know how bad it could get," says Walker.
PSEG says with the rain and wind from the remnants of Zeta, they had crews in place to respond to any outages.