Young captain bets on NJ’s commercial fishing industry with new boat

New Jersey's commercial fishing industry hasn't had an easy time in recent years. It has been battered by everything from declining fish stocks to Hurricane Sandy. But as News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue found out, one young captain is charging headlong into the business.
As the sun rose on the docks in Point Pleasant Thursday morning, a rare sight for many longtime New Jersey fishermen came into view: a new commercial fishing boat.
“This is the first time I've ever been in a brand new boat, commercial, anyway. It's a beautiful thing,” fisherman Charlie Burke said.
The captain of the 54-foot, $2 million boat is Pat Fehily, 28, who drove it overnight on its maiden voyage from Maine, where it was built over 19 months. 
“A lot of guys came to me and were, like, ‘You're nuts for doing this.’ The older generation told me there (are) so many other things you can do with your money. You can invest it, you know, develop a business on land, so something else. But I firmly believe you’re never going to be successful at something unless you enjoy what you do, and this is what I enjoy,” Fehily told Donohue.
Fehily said “The Market Price” is his second boat, and he is confident the prices and stocks of New Jersey lobster, tuna and scallops are good enough that he is going for it. 
“The benefit of it is that I am young, and we have time to make it work here,” he said.
Anyone who wants to follow Fehily’s journey can find him on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @lobsterguypat.