‘You have to do a complete 180’ – Newark residents struggle with water crisis

Thousands of Newark residents continue to stand on long lines at water distribution centers as the city figures out a way to address the lead-contamination issue.
Some told News 12 New Jersey that they stood outside Paradise Baptist Church for nearly an hour as the free cases of bottled water were distributed. It comes as the city tries to develop a new system to deliver the water to impacted residents.
“It’s like we don’t know who to trust and what to believe,” says Ashley Pasker.
Pasker and her father say that they have stopped drinking or cooking with the tap water ever since the city said that water filters issued were not clearing out enough lead.
“It's like you have to do a complete 180 of how your whole lifestyle was just a couple months ago,” says Pasker. “Because we didn't know about this a couple of months ago. Everything was fine a couple of months ago.”
Families like the Paskers are finding themselves seeking out donated water or taking on the cost of buying it themselves -- which is why Paradise Baptist Church is giving water to any city resident.
“On Tuesday, we know what we have another trailer coming and so we just keep going. We’re like the Energizer Bunny on this,” says Bishop Jethro James.
Meanwhile, Pasker says that she had her tap water tested for lead and plans to have more tests to get a more conclusive result.
“It’s like, ‘Who knows?’ as this point,” she says. “It’s really, really, really scary for us.”
Newark announced Thursday a partnership with Uber to offer free and discounted rides to city-run water distribution centers. Lyft has implemented a similar program.