‘You can’t hide from us.’ Authorities bust drug ring operated out of Long Island day care with connections to NJ

Forty people have been charged in the takedown of a massive narcotics ring on Long Island that was being operated out of a day care, and has connections to New Jersey.
Millions of dollars’ worth of drugs, and dozens of guns, are now off the streets in the tri-state area.
Prosecutors say the drugs were being trafficked in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and other states -- and as far away as Puerto Rico.            
Two of the accused dealers dealt drugs out of illegally run day care centers on Long Island and Queens.
"Think about that, children were eating and playing in the same space where cocaine was being packaged,” says Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas.
Investigators found more than 26 pounds of cocaine and heroin, close to 80,000 doses of fentanyl and morphine, $380,000 in cash, and more than three dozen guns, including assault weapons and ammunition.
"Let this also send a message to those out there who are engaging in this type of activity, you cannot hide from us, we will find you,” says Capt. Christopher Casale, with the New York State police.
Singas says between five and 10 children usually spent their time at the day care.
Prosecutors on Long Island say one deadly overdose in Pennsylvania is connected to the operation.