Yonkers volunteers clean litter from Abe Cohen Plaza

Volunteers with the Ludlow Park Residents Association hosted their annual neighborhood clean-up at Abe Cohen Plaza in Yonkers on Saturday.
With Earth Day right around the corner, organizers said the undertaking is a way to do their part in helping both their neighborhood and the Earth at large.
More than 50 volunteers were equipped with everything they needed for their cleaning duties, like gloves, garbage cans, bags and masks to remain safe.
"We want to make sure the areas that we live in are clean and we're proud to live in it," said Doug Cummings, the Yonkers Boy Scout troop leader.
The pandemic paused the event last year, but they were in full effect and even brought out a few community leaders who wanted to lend a helping hand as well.
"Every day should be Earth Day. There's nothing wrong with you just going outside to your neighborhood, to your local park and just cleaning up right after yourself," said Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader.
Officials said they hope to set an example to other neighboring communities.
"We hope that people in the surrounding areas will see us clean up and think twice about the next litter they could potentially throw on the street," said Corazon Pineda, the majority leader of Yonkers City Council.