Yonkers music producer opens new coffee shop in Port Chester

A Yonkers native made the transition from successful music producer to barista in Port Chester.
From the aroma of fresh coffee to the friendly crowds, and the modern vibe of the space, The Producer Coffee Studio on Willett Avenue has it all.
"Everything is fresh. Every single cup of coffee you're getting here is fresh," said owner Noah Mrnacaj.
The former music producer opened the store on Feb. 13 after years of rubbing elbows with celebrities of the likes of Nickie Minaj, Paris Hilton, record producer and singer Pharrell Williams, and Reverend Run, of the legendary rap group Run-D.M.C.
"When you're creating something for somebody, and it becomes a great track and big hit, it's like, I'm in the back saying, 'oh, I wish my name was out there like that,'" Mrnacaj says.
So, there's the obvious question: How and why would one make the transition from music to coffee?
Mrnacaj, who attended Roosevelt High School, says the coffee studio was a dream he had to pursue.
"One day I was sitting down thinking, 'what can I do? What can I do?' I was like, 'what about a coffee shop?' I looked into it and here I am," Mrnacaj recalls.
Mrnacaj is a self-described barista who makes each cup of java fresh for every customer. He believes in the product and his wife, Julianne Mrnacaj, believes in him. In addition to working a full-time job, she also puts in time at the coffee shop.
"I truly believe he's a visionary. When he puts his mind to something, he puts his heart into it. He researches it until he can't research it anymore, so it's been very exciting," she says.
The coffee shop's patrons are just as loyal.
"They have everything you need, from Danishes, coffee and everything is really good here," says customer Mark Caligiuri.
For now, producing music is on the back burner, but creating great coffee for his customers is all that's on the young businessman's mind.
"It's a little nervous, but so far so good," Mrnacaj says.