Workers at Bogota business help clear debris to reduce rain flooding

The rain has mostly tapered off in northern New Jersey, but Monday’s storm left behind a mess that some spent the evening cleaning up.
The intersection of River Road and Elm in Bogota is known as a place where leaves and rainwater filter down, causing flooding. Monday saw as much as 4 feet of water in the area.
Two drivers had to abandon their vehicles in the water after attempting to drive through and getting stuck.
Employees from Outwater Plastics helped to stop the flooding by going out to the intersection in boots and with rakes to clear the road's six sewer grates of debris. Owner Chip Kessler was also out there. He says that he needed the road clear so that he can get his trucks in and out of the bays.
“When you leave leaves like this and a tremendous amount of rain like we just had, this is constant,” he says. “I can’t get in. I can’t get out. So, this is our main fright entrance, and it has to be kept clean. So, if everybody else is busy, I’ll do it.”
Monday saw several inches of rain as the storms moved through New Jersey. The storm was expected to clear out by Monday night.