Woman: Late grandmother’s apartment plagued with black mold in Sheepshead Bay

One Sheepshead Bay resident is calling for help as she tries to save her late grandmother’s apartment from black mold she says has been building up for years. 
Burst pipes, broken ceilings, mold and possible asbestos is what Kayla Cardillo says can be found in this apartment.  
Cardillo lived there with her grandmother for decades until she passed away five years ago, and she inherited the apartment.  
“My grandma lived here since 1970-something, she's an immigrant from Italy and she died from pneumonia,” said Cardillo. “I’m starting to think this is the cause of it.” 
After converting the apartment into an office, photography studio and her permanent place of residence, she noticed black mold creeping through the ceiling in late 2021.  
She is not the only resident in this building dealing with these issues – other residents say when they voice their concerns, they have been threatened with increased rent.  
Cardillo says she has reached out to numerous outlets for assistance and will continue to fight for her apartment and those in the building dealing with similar issues.  
News 12 has reached out to the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. The following was their statement, "Violations have been issued and HPD's emergency repair team has been working to gain access to the apartment. We will continue to take the appropriate action to correct the violations."