Woman celebrates 100th birthday with 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine

A Camden County woman celebrated a milestone birthday in a way that her daughter describes as the best birthday gift she could ever receive.
Ethernell Saxon says that she never anticipated celebrating her 100th birthday at a COVID-19 vaccination site. But that is what she did – receiving her second dose of the Moderna vaccine at the Blackwood vaccine site.
“This is amazing. I’m just so happy to and grateful for the county for doing this,” says daughter Cathleen Jenkins.
Saxon was presented with a proclamation from Cherry Hill Mayor Susan Shin Angulo, along with flowers and cupcakes to celebrate her day.
Jenkins says that the past year has been hard for her mother.
"What you do keeps you oriented and keeps your mind sharp and because she couldn't go out as much, you couldn't go to church, we couldn't go and do things, so I could see that her mental status was affected by the fact that we were so isolated,” Jenkins says.
Both mother and daughter are now fully vaccinated. As for where Saxon wants to go first?
“Anywhere [my daughter] takes me,” Saxon said with a laugh.
A visit from grandchildren and great-grandchildren is expected to take place this weekend.