Woman battling cancer says landlord forced her to take down banner of support

A woman battling cancer in Bayonne says that she cannot believe how cruel her landlord is being.

News 12 Staff

Mar 17, 2022, 2:53 AM

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A woman battling cancer in Bayonne says that she cannot believe how cruel her landlord is being.
The property owner has told her to take down a banner given to her in support of her fight to stay alive.
Janelle Green, 38, is doing all that she can to survive Stage 3 breaks cancer. She says she was loving the banner and positivity from the community that came with the sign posted outside her front door. She says she was hurt by the request from her landlord to pull it down.
The banner was attached to the railing outside her apartment. It reads “Stop and say a prayer. A person battling cancer lives here.” She says two days after she put it up, her landlord sent her a text message asking her to take it down.
“There was no sympathy, no empathy and no compassion. And that’s what is hurtful,” Green says.
The text read, "I came by the apt today, I assume you put up that banner on the front steps. Please take it down when u can."
Green responded, “That lack of compassion is very telling.”
“There was no acknowledgment about learning about this. It just went right to, ‘I assume that’s yours. Take it down,’” says Green.
News 12 New Jersey called the landlord multiple times asking why Green needed to take the banner down, as there is nothing in her lease about hanging a banner outside. The landlord never responded.
Green did take down the banner and it now sits on the ground.
Because of her illness, Green is on leave from her job as a pediatric nurse at Bayonne Hospital. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and now undergoes chemotherapy three times a week.
It has been a traumatic time for Green and her family.
“I lost my hair. I’m losing weight. I’m changing in appearance,” Green says.
She is scheduled for a double mastectomy in April. The banner was given to her after friends at Angelina’s Restaurant held a fundraiser following her diagnosis. The banner was a way to show support and Green loved it.
“I can look out the window, I can see people praying for me and saying, ‘You know what, I care for you,’” Green says.
Green says she has not heard from the landlord since that last text message. She says she would like to have a conversation about possibly putting the banner back up.

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