Winter storm approaching New Jersey to impact Tuesday morning commute

The storm is expected to bring heavy snow to parts of northern New Jersey and rain to other parts of the state.

Joti Rekhi

Feb 13, 2024, 1:23 AM

Updated 122 days ago


As a winter storm approaches New Jersey for Tuesday morning, many people decided to work from home. Some school children will be home as well, as school closures continue to be announced.
Among those that have announced closures is South Orange-Maplewood School District.
Joey Meyer, a parent within the district, was hoping her son would get a snow day. She didn't think the district would decide until Tuesday morning.
"I actually think the snowfall isn't going to be as bad," said Meyer.
Like Meyer, several commuters planned to potentially have a snow day as well. Only, they will be working from home.
"I basically canceled a meeting that I was going to and I'm just going to work from home,” said Sumayya Alsenan.
Many commuters are taking advantage of flexible working options to avoid a slushy commute on Tuesday.
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"I'm taking the day at home tomorrow because all of the schools in New York City are closed. I don't know if they're going to be closed here," said Jessica Winchell. "But I'm bummed because it's going to take up one of the three days that I need to go into work to swipe. So we're going to see what happens the rest of the week."
All New Jersey Transit services will be operating on a full weekday schedule for as long as weather and road conditions safely allow. Commuters are urged to build extra time in for their travels.
The snowfall is expected to be wet, heavy and difficult to shovel, making the decision to stick at home much easier for Jessica Winchell.
"I'm also going to help a neighbor shovel, so I want to be around in case they need help," said Winchell.
NJ Transit will be cross-honoring tickets on Tuesday. Forecasters say the storm should be moving out of New Jersey by the mid-afternoon.

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