Wildfire season has arrived. Here’s how the state is keeping a close eye on the upcoming weather

Wildfire season has arrived, and despite seeing a lot of rain and snow this spring, parts of New Jersey are abnormally dry.
“We are experiencing dry weather right now, and we are right in our prime-time wildfire season, especially as we are encroaching on the month of April,” says Forest Fire Warden Shawn Judy.
Throughout February and March, Judy and his staff intentionally set fires to burn away forest surface fuels.
But Judy says the highest risks in New Jersey come from the smaller wildfires near neighborhoods bordering the Pinelands. Last year, a fire damaged dozens of homes in Brick Township and Lakewood. 
“We refer to those areas as the wildland urban interface, and they are susceptible to fires and large fires encroaching on their property,” says Judy.
Judy says even if we see an inch or so of rain Wednesday, it only takes about one to two days for conditions to return to dangerous levels.
The Forest Fire Service says 99% of wildfires are started by humans, whether intentionally or accidentally. They expect more people to be outside this spring than the last two years and ask people enjoying the state lands to be extra careful and vigilant.