Wife of Bedminster sergeant who died from COVID-19 urges people to donate blood plasma

The wife of a Bedminster police sergeant who died from COVID-19 is on a mission to help others who have the virus.
Sgt. Terek Patterson was only 38 years old when he died. His wife, Brandi Patterson, says that she never wants anyone else to have to go through what she experienced. To help those with COVID-19, she has been donating blood and plasma – and she hopes others will, too.
“I want to help someone go home to their family that might be suffering like my husband did,” Brandi says.
Sgt. Patterson tested positive for the virus on March 30 and within days he was on a ventilator.
“I couldn’t even go into the room with him. I had to wait outside and look at him through glass,” Brandi says. “He communicated with a dry erase board and a marker…he wrote, ‘I love you.’ He wrote, ‘Happy Birthday.’ My birthday was on April 5.”
That was the last time that she communicated with him.
Sgt. Patterson was a father of three – 9-year-old Nylah and twins Sanna and Santana. Brandi says that as she cares for her children, she is also trying to convince people who hear of her husband’s death to donate - especially those who have had COVID-19, as their blood plasma contains antibodies that can potentially fight off the virus.
The Bedminster Police Department has taken notice of Brandi’s efforts.
“Sgt. Patterson always came to work with such a good attitude, smile on his face and was a role model to younger officers coming in,” says Detective Paul Piano.
Sgt. Patterson’s illness also gave fellow officers a warning about how important it is to wear a mask on the job.
“People took COVID light and we see how the devastation has been firsthand,” Brandi syas.
Anyone interested in donating blood or plasma can visit the American Red Cross website, type in their ZIP code and find a blood drive near their home.