Who you gonna call? Sayreville’s ‘poltergeist police’ explore potentially haunted Borough Hall

The team is made up of Lt. James Novak, Charles Teator and Briana Cortez.

Karina Gerry

Oct 27, 2023, 12:35 AM

Updated 232 days ago


Move over Ghostbusters, there’s a new ghost-hunting group in town. Sayreville’s “poltergeist police” is made up of three Sayreville police officers – Lt. James Novak, Charles Teator and Briana Cortez.
For the second year in a row, they conducted a paranormal investigation. This year, they went to Sayreville’s original Borough Hall to answer the question long suspected by residents: Is the building haunted?
“We did have some contact with some ghosts,” Novak said. “Some of the classic things that people may have heard about with ghost encounters, we felt. I’m not a good actor. I can’t fake goosebumps and I was covered in them.”
They documented their investigation in an almost one-hour video posted on the Sayreville Police Department YouTube page.

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