What's Cooking: Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace's spaghetti squash Luciano

Chef Giovanni Farruggio, of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, shows News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to make spaghetti squash Luciano.


1 spaghetti squash
1 bulb garlic sliced
1 cup EVOO
½ cup Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano (shaved)
2 sprigs of basil


Cut squash length wise, scoop out the seeds and coat with a ½ cup of EVOO. Lay squash cut side down on a sheet pan and roast at 400 degree for 25-30 minute or until soft.
While squash is cooking heat the rest of the oil in a sauté pan, add garlic and cook until slightly golden. Using a fork, fluff the spaghetti squash to release the strands.
Add the fluffed the squash to the sauté pan and mix well until fully incorporated. Chop basil and add to squash. Plate the spaghetti squash and top with all the shaved cheese.