What to do if you haven't received your second stimulus check?

Millions of Americans still haven't received their $600 government payments, despite getting the first payment back in the spring without issue. 
“The main issue was on the IRS’s side, they had a computer glitch that they caught,” says Craig Johnson, a CPA with Holman Frenia Allison. “That's the main thing, but I think everyone that's entitled and eligible for it will see it within the next few days.”
If you haven't received your second round of stimulus money yet, check your mailboxes -- it may show up in the form of a debit card, even if you had direct deposit for round one.
“The biggest problem I've heard with the card is people get a white envelope in the mail at home as we all do and who opens all those, you might look like a fake credit card, people cut them up and throw them away,” says Johnson.
Many are seeing on IRS.gov’s stimulus tracker – Payment #2 – Not Available – We don't have enough information or you're not eligible.
There have been issues where if you used a third-party tax preparer such as TurboTax, your money ended up in one of their accounts. They have notified users in an email today that money will be switched to your bank accounts soon.