What should you do with your COVID-19 vaccination card?

Anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine has also received a vaccine card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with their name on it. But there has been some confusion about what one should and should not do with that card.
“On the card, you’re going to put your name, your date of birth. You may have a medical record number or a Social Security number,” says Burlington County vaccine megasite clinic manager Phyllis Worrell.
Officials say that instead of people taking a selfie of themselves and the vaccination card to post on social media, they should take a photo of the card itself so that if it is ever lost, they will have a copy.
What do News 12 New Jersey viewers do with their cards? We asked in an unscientific poll on Twitter. Twenty-seven percent of people said that the card is in their wallets. Just over 58% of people said that it was at home in a safe place. And 13% of those polled said that they threw the card out. Others said that they lost it.
"I've had quite a few people who have come in and lost them, and again we are able to look at the records and make sure that they were actually vaccinated here by us. So, yes, we can replace them,” says Worrell.
Worrell say that many health care systems should be able to replace the vaccination card. She also says that vaccine recipients can laminate the cards if they wish.
“If the decision is made to do boosters, you generally get a new documentation for the next year,” Worrell says.