'What is my house worth?' Mastic Beach woman concerned that redevelopment plan could take away her home

A Mastic Beach mother fears her family could lose their home due to a possible redevelopment plan.
Diane Vidal says a few months ago she learned about the plan to revitalize Mastic Beach, including a road that would go where her house now stands.
"When is this going to happen and you know, what are you going to do for me?," Vidal says. "I mean, what is my house worth that you're going to kick me out of here?"
Steven Dubb, of the Beechwood Organization - the company partnering with the Town of Brookhaven to redevelop downtown Mastic Beach - says they are in the early stages and the plans are not final.
"Just because a property is located within the target, within the area that the town has defined does not necessarily mean it's going to be developed," Dubb says.
Vidal is still concerned about the developer taking away her home.
"It's a habitat house so it's a lot of sweat equity and community service to get this house and I don't want to lose it," Vidal says.
The developer tells News 12 that the large-scale project would take several years, and they are just at the beginning of the process.
Town of Brookhaven Public Information Officer Jack Krieger released a statement, saying, "The Town of Brookhaven is committed to the revitalization of downtown Mastic Beach. We are at the very beginning stages of this process, and there will be public meetings and community input. Every action we take is in furtherance of improving the quality of life of the residents and achieving the comprehensive redevelopment that has been sought after by the community for decades."