‘We got into the safe room, and we felt safe’: West Orange woman describes hearing air raid sirens in Israel

Three more flights from Tel-Aviv are arriving Tuesday at Newark Liberty International Airport.
As passengers poured off the plane, they continued to share their harrowing stories. One couple from West Orange told News 12 New Jersey what it was like when they first heard the air raid sirens.
"We have young grandchildren. And one of the times we took them to a playground which is just across the street from their house. And as we were swinging our kids on the swings, the air raid siren rang, and we ran back as quick as we can,” the woman recounted. “The kids luckily ran faster than we did. But I had a baby in a baby carriage. We got into the safe room, and we felt safe.”
President Joe Biden will travel to Israel on Tuesday to demonstrate his support for the Middle Eastern country and look for ways to aid humanitarian efforts 10 days into the war.