West Orange mayor: Bagels by Jarrett owner ‘riled up an entire community’ after citation for covered windows

A battle between West Orange and a takeout restaurant owner over shaded windows has garnered a reaction from the mayor of the township, who's accusing the owner of going back on a deal.
Mayor Susan McCartney says the town tried to work with restaurant owner Jarrett Seltzer and come up with a compromise but when that didn't work, a citation was issued for the covered windows in July.
Jarrett Seltzer opened his Bagels by Jarrett store weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, and refocused his store to curbside takeout only. According to a township ordinance, signage must not cover more than a third of the window and windows cannot be opaque. Two court dates later, and still no agreement was reached.
Mayor Susan McCartney told News 12 New Jersey the town and Seltzer had an agreement that the blinds would be closed only when the sun is glaring through the windows and decided four of the windows and the doors could stay covered - an exception to the code. Instead, she says Seltzer made no changes.
"He has riled up an entire community in really an outstanding way, basically blaming the town, and our position is he didn't comply with the town ordinance,” McCartney said.
News 12 asked McCartney if there’s any chance of a compromise that can be worked out before the next court date. She said it's not likely.
Seltzer says he is prepared to take this to trial. The next court date is scheduled for Oct. 17.