West Orange event venue The Manor to close in July

West Orange event venue The Manor says it will be closing in July.
The Manor will cease all public and private events after July 5, the owners said in a statement posted on The Manor's website.
"We have already performed the painful work of informing those most directly affected by this circumstance, including the couples, families, and clients who have planned future events with us, as well as our entire beloved Manor team," the statement said.
The owners said The Manor is working with clients with events scheduled before July 5 to make sure they are accomodated.
"We are agonizingly aware that there is no “good” time for this to happen and are doing our sincere best to responsibly and respectfully resolve each and every pending event thoughtfully," the statement said. "We wish to thank our clients for their graciousness in understanding, as difficult as it may be, and our team for gifting us with humbling loyalty and continued dedication as they push forward, aiding with the challenging work of our closure."