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West Orange bagel shop owner has to pay over $4,500 in fines for covering business windows

Jarret Seltzer says the fight isn’t over and that he plans to appeal.

Ali Reid and Lanette Espy

Nov 8, 2023, 11:04 AM

Updated 227 days ago


Jarret Seltzer, the owner of Bagels by Jarrett, lost his fight with West Orange. The town has fined Seltzer for keeping the windows at his Mount Pleasant Avenue business covered up.
The town ordinance states that no more than a third of the window space can be used for signage and windows must be transparent. The code also mentions that interior screens must be kept clean.
Jarrett argued the shades on his business came with the building when he purchased it from its former owners, and he says they were never fined. He also said the shades are used to keep the sun and hot temperatures from coming inside.
Seltzer says the fight isn’t over and he plans to appeal. For now, he’s expected to pay $4,566 in fines.
“I am hoping we can bring this to appellate division and that we can get some relief for both ourselves and anyone else who has dealt with this in West Orange,” Seltzer said. “I love this town. I love the community. I hate what’s going on with this and I hope it ends somehow.”
Mayor Susan McCartney released a statement on the court’s guilty verdict regarding Bagels by Jarrett:
“We respect the court’s determination after hearing and carefully considering the evidence and testimony. The municipal court is an independent branch of local government. The township’s priority has always been to work with all local businesses to help ensure their success.”
Watch more of Seltzer's interview with News 12 New Jersey below:

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