West Milford senior prank sparks controversy among parents, but has support of administration

Some parents reached out to News 12 to say that they are embarrassed by this year’s prank at West Milford High School.

Matt Trapani and Chris Keating

Jun 13, 2023, 9:30 PM

Updated 364 days ago


Some parents in West Milford say that the high school senior prank on June 8 went too far, even though the event had the support of the school principal.
Some parents reached out to News 12 New Jersey to say that they are embarrassed by this year’s prank at West Milford High School. They say that students trashed the school and caused damage.
Videos and photos of the prank were posted on social media. They show hurdles in the school hallway and offices covered in toilet paper and shredded paper. Students are seen walking around, with one even wearing the head of the school mascot.
Some parents say that what can’t be seen is damage to printers, books and file cabinets. They also say that despite threats of discipline, students aren't being punished. Some are suggesting that this is because some are the children of school administrators.
But Principal Matthew Striane says that the parents are mistaken.
He sent a letter to parents stating, "Shredded paper and dry dog food were spread across the desk and throughout the office. Toilet paper was a common theme as it was hung in many locations. Students stacked two towers of books in the lower media center and moved chairs around in the upper media center."
He went on to say, "Messages of endearment were written for teachers in a few locations. This can hardly be viewed as the egregious acts and rumors being spread."
Striane also said that the students who took part in the prank agreed to clean it up.
The parents who complained about the prank would not speak to News 12 on the record for fear of retaliation.
News 12 reached out to the school superintendent for comment but did not hear back.

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