Week-long Kwanzaa celebrations take place at various Paterson venues

A week-long celebration for Kwanzaa is taking place at various venues throughout Paterson. 
Each of the events aim to highlight the seven different principles of the African American holiday, culminating with a communal feast.
The congregation came together to reflect on the theme of unity, or what’s known as “Umoja,” at Holy Tabernacle Apostolic Church on Tuesday night.
“One of the things I’ve been talking about as of late is collaboration,” said Senior Pastor Jason Rogers. “And how important it is for our brothers and sisters to come together. Because we know there’s power in numbers. I feel this sensation internally knowing that so many people have come out.”
This is the first time an event for Kwanzaa has taken place at the church since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, events were held via Zoom due to government restrictions.
“Today is a testament that this community deserves the joy that this kind of night brings,” said Talena Lachelle Queen, the organizer and president and founder of Word Seed Inc. “They are celebrating and recognizing who they are, connecting with each other and just seeing each other for the last days of the year.”
The other principles of Kwanzaa include self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.
Events also being held this week in Paterson can be seen in the photo below: