Sunny skies today as Lee churns up surf at the Jersey Shore

Storm Watch Team meteorologists are tracking Lee and how it could impact New Jersey.

News 12 Staff

Sep 13, 2023, 9:37 AM

Updated 312 days ago


New Jersey will see sunny skies on Thursday along with warmer temperatures.
But those hoping to go down the shore this weekend should be aware that Lee will cause choppy surf at the beach.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists are tracking the storm and how it could impact New Jersey.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny skies with a comfortable feel. A nice breeze. Cooler highs near 78. Refreshing lows near 56.
FRIDAY: A perfect autumn tease and beauty of a day. Mostly sunny with a northerly breeze. Clouds build as Hurricane Lee nears. Highs near 73. Lows near 57.
SATURDAY: Cloudy, but dry. Daytime highs around 77. Overnight lows around 57.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. Daytime highs around 81. Overnight lows around 62.
COMING UP: Upcoming week should see plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s.


We continue to monitor Lee's track for potential impacts. The storm still looks well offshore with no major direct impact. Coastal impacts are possible - including rip currents and possible beach erosion. Watch the video below for more:

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