WEATHER TO WATCH: Cold temps linger; tracking mid-week thunderstorms

It may be nearly April, but winter-like temperatures are sticking around New Jersey for the next few days.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Justin Godynick says he is also tracking the potential for severe thunderstorms by Thursday.
Monday night will see mostly clear skies with overnight lows in the low-20s. Wind chills may make temperatures feel as if they are in the single digits.
Tuesday will see mostly clear skies, but daytime highs will be in the low-40s. Tuesday night will also see mostly clear skies, with overnight lows cooling into the upper-20s.
Wednesday will start off with sunshine, but clouds are expected to develop by the afternoon. Daytime highs will be in the mid-40s. Rain is expected to develop by Wednesday evening, with overnight lows around 40 degrees.
Temperatures are expected to warm up for Thursday, with daytime highs in the low-70s. The day is expected to start off sunny, but clouds and rain will develop by the afternoon. There is the potential for severe thunderstorms.
Friday should see clouds in the morning, followed by sunshine by the afternoon. Daytime highs are expected to be mild in the upper-50s and low-60s.