‘We will hold these justices accountable for this grave act.’ Hundreds rally in support of abortion rights

The United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has caused hundreds of New Jersey residents to take to the streets.
Hundreds came to South Orange to protest the decision that caused women in at least 23 states to lose their right to have an abortion.
New Jersey is not one of these states, and Gov. Phil Murphy has said that reproductive rights will be protected in the Garden State. Those who gathered in South Orange Friday night did it to show support to the women who will lose that right.
They also say that they are focused on midterm elections with the goal of ensuring those who support abortion rights move into power within Congress. They say that no one else should make this decision for a woman.
“This is not over, [Justice] Clarence Thomas. This is not over, [Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Amy Coney Barrett] and this definitely not over, [Justice Brett Kavanaugh.] We will hold these supposed justices accountable for this grave act of injustice.” says Rabbi Alexandria Klein.
"What are we going to do today? And so that means elections matter, voting matters. And our relatives, as we talk about how progressive the state of New Jersey is, we’ve got to make sure it stays progressive and we have to call our relatives all over the country and make sure they're fighting for the same things we’re fighting for,” says Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.
There is a concern that women will start traveling across state lines to have an abortion. New Jersey will be seen as one of those safe havens. Laws could potentially be expanded in-state to allow access to an abortion for those women who can't afford it.
There are laws expanding rights to an abortion moving through the New Jersey State Assembly.