‘We want to make this as accessible as possible’: Paterson deploys 4 mobile COVID-19 testing units

Paterson is working to meet the high demand for COVID-19 tests by deploying four additional mobile testing units throughout the city through Fast Med of New Jersey.
The units will be placed in locations where demand is the highest.
Testing is free and no one will be turned away if they don't have insurance.
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"We don't want long lines,” says Mayor Andre Sayegh. “We don't want people putting themselves in harm’s way. We want to make this as accessible as possible. Demand is so high at this time. We're on the brink of a holiday, another holiday, so people want to get tested."
The city also plans to give out 3,000 N-95 masks this weekend. 
Testing will also take place for the first time on a Sunday at city hall to meet the growing demand.