‘We took a drastic step’: Off-duty police jobs are back in Jersey City after more than 2 years away

A program that has been shut down for more than two years is starting back up in Jersey City -- off-duty police work.
It's been more than two years now that officers in the city haven't been able to take up any off-duty jobs. The program was shut down because some officers were taking advantage of the system – it was just a couple months ago that a police officer admitted to doing that back in 2016. After what's described as a lengthy investigation, it's back on.
“We took a drastic step,” says public safety director of Jersey City, James Shea. “The only people in the state of New Jersey of actually suspending the entire program and looking at every single aspect of it piece by piece over two years despite the disruptions that cost us in many ways. No one else even attempted it. We believe with the safe guards we have put into place that is going to be done very fairly and I can assure them that if there are any issues we will not hesitate to shut the job down, this program down and the next time will be shut down permanently and the officers are well aware of that.”
The big reason why the program was reinstated is that the businesses, the private contractors and this year especially, the hospitals, asked for the program to come back because they wanted to be working with trained uniformed officer as opposed to non-officer security guards.