‘We’re ready’: Majority of Paterson schools reopen for in-person learning

Today was the first day of in-person learning since early 2020 for many students in Paterson.
Eileen F. Shafer is the superintendent for Paterson Public Schools. For the last year, she and her staff have been getting ready for today -- the first day of full-time in-person learning for all of Paterson’s students.
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“Met with our principals over the summer and the past couple of weeks so they know what to do if they have a positive case or if someone was in close proximity with someone that was positive,” says Shafer.
Shafer is determined her students won’t fall behind this school year. But what happens if a student is positive?
“If it’s a student, then the student will be home quarantining and they will tune in remotely into all the classes for the day,” says Shafer. “We have been out long enough, and we are going to do everything we can to keep students in school.”
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Schools will also be requiring social distancing of 3 feet. Students will be wearing face masks.
“We’re ready,” says Shafer. “Masks are definitely a requirement.
Students at two schools -- public schools 20 and 24 -- will be virtual until further notice due to damage brought on by Ida.